The Mud Effect

Facilitated by:   Charlotte Eve and Kate Edwards

Aims of the session:   See how easy, engaging and fun it is to work with earth to create cob and sculpt with it. Explore ideas to take back to school and share the benefits we have seen in children with different needs working with cob.

Session outline:   A extremely ‘hands on’ workshop which also includes discssion around how the practical activities can work back in school and which children could benefit most. Charlotte and Kate will also share their report ‘The  Mud Effect’ which explains how working with the earth can enhance learning and confidence in children.

How the workshop meets The Outrageous Nature Company’s core values

Playful Professionals: Making cob is good fun and messy… and then there’s the cob dance!
Actively honest: Sharing case studies of how working with earth has helped young people
Simply sustainable – Cob building is most sustainable form of building there is (see cob houses and sustainable building techniques)
Community of Equality: Everyone can take part in making cob. It is safe, easy and accessible.

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