Outrageous Core Values

OUT core values leaves


‘Playfully Professional’

Working hard to deliver outdoor projects which are high quality and playful in essence

We actively aim to ensure that everyone involved in the Company freely chooses to participate; feels empowered to contribute to the direction and development of the Company and is happy to create and deliver projects to the best of their ability with a healthy dose of playfulness!

In practice this means we aim to

  • Deliver projects which are high quality and playful in essence
  • Promote the benefits of ‘play’ in all areas of our work, e.g.humour, arts, creative expression, celebrations
  • Work within an open and participatory legal structure
  • Make decisions by consensus which is inclusive and empowering
  • Allow our organisational set up to enable everyone to propose and develop projects in realistic terms


‘Community of Equality’

Sharing a vision and co-operating with equality

We are a group of unique individuals with shared interests and vision who have come together for a purpose greater than ourselves. We recognise the value of diversity and of acknowledging and supporting each other. We agree to consensus decision making and equal pay.

In practice this means we aim for

  • Equal pay structure
  • Consensus decision making
  • Holistic business planning
  • Identifying strengths & specialisms within the group
  • Supporting each other and others involved through sharing information
  • Being involved in more than one aspect of the Company


‘Actively Honest’

Open, honest communication

We aim to be genuine and honest with each other and the wider community in an open, non judgemental way. We recognise that everyone perceives the world differently which is a good thing and to take responsibility for our own and joint actions. We take time to make informed decisions and consciously attempt to communicate clearly with others.

In practice this means we promote

  • Non judgemental atmosphere
  • Transparency of all things – clear dialogue with outside agencies, decisions/information available publically
  • Personal reflection to develop our own understanding
  • Clear and efficient ways of communicating at all levels
  • Time to gather and research information as needed for decision making.
  • Working within realistic timeframes

‘Simply Sustainable’

Promoting sustainable values through our work; creating simple workable solutions

We care about the long term future of the planet and aim to promote and incorporate sustainability in all aspects of our work  – financial, emotional and environmental. We want to work with these challenges with ‘elegant simplicity’ and make decisions accordingly.

In practice this means, we

  • Have clear systems in place to help make decisions – considering the long term consequences.
  • Ensure each aspect of a project fits in with our overall aims and sustainable values as well as with other project strands.
  • Recognise that the simplest solution is often the best
  • Encourage opportunities for skill sharing and developing our own skill bases