Story Sharing

Jon Young, founder of the 8 Shields model, explains that for nature connective experiences to deepen fully within us it is necessary for us to ‘share our stories’ with others who will actively listen to them. He describes this as 2 halves of the same circle:

Nature and people connetion cycle

We can independently have meaningful experiences within nature, however without anyone to share the experiences with, the meaning will not fully develop.

seedling squareIt is important to share your stories with people who are ready and able to actively listen. In the past we may have had disappointing experiences of sharing a story with someone who did not believe us, wasn’t interested, judged us or just didn’t ‘get it’. These disconnecting responses can cause us to be less likely to share stories with others in the future.  

We would like to offer online and in-person space for people to share their nature connection stories, mentoring one another to deepen the meaning of these and strengthening the ropes of connection.

Drop us an email at if you are interested on joining these sessions.

drumming compThese sessions are offered in the spirit of connection and are free of charge. 

Although hosted by us, the sessions will be co-created by those who attend them. If you feel inspired, do bring along any songs, poems, artwork, movement or sensory practices you would like to share. 

These calls are primarily aimed at those in the East of England, as we try to grow connections and build a village locally. However, if you are further afield and wish to join us then you are very welcome too!

Nature Connection Resources

If you are newer to the concept of the ‘8 shields’ and the work of Jon Young and friends, you may find these signposts useful: 

We wish you many joyful nature connective experiences & hope to share stories with you sometime soon!