Beltane 2023 – ‘Make Merry for May’

On this eve, the first summer nightIMG_3406
Out of the darkness and into the light
Set the Beltaine fires alight
Season of the Goddess return
Hail! Hail! the Queen of the May
Now is the season, now is the day
A time to laugh and a time to play
Hail! Hail! the Queen of the May

~ Lyrics from ‘Queen of May’ by Inkubus Sukkubus

The Wheel of the Year is turning once again. Join us for an online gathering using the 8 shields model as an opportunity to connect with others, with nature and to celebrate fire festival, Beltane!

Date to be confirmed

Abundance, vitality, playfulness, balance of masculine and feminine, vibrancy, fertility, motivation…

There’ll be an invitation to take time for personal reflection in nature before the event.  We’ll come together online and be inspired by the energies of the changing season; share in small groups and participate in a simple whole group joyful celebration of Beltane, drawing on the traditions of the Celtic festivals and ancient tree wisdom. These ideas may then help you create your own outdoor celebration in your own time and space for yourself, family or other groups. 

Booking – Please email to register your interest 

Here is some information with some preparatory suggestions to help you make the most of the event.

Before the event:

Take time for some quiet reflection in nature near to or on the day of the event, so it is still fresh in your mind.

Sit by your favourite tree; in your garden or another special place outdoors. Maybe you could lie gazing up at the sky and go barefoot too.

Whatever you prefer, be comfortable and take a few deep slow breaths. You may want to close your eyes. Bring your awareness to the place where you are and your senses – what can you see; hear; smell; touch…

Be open to anything that draws your attention or any changes you notice happening in the natural world around you.

Reflect on what you feel about this time of year. If you feel moved to, jot down a few words /phrases or a drawing or simply experience this time to connect with nature. Give THANKS for the season and all the gifts at this time.

vlcsnap-2021-04-21-15h27m10s414 (2)Create a ‘Mini-Maypole’ – We invite you to find a stick, (that is roughly the length of your forearm) that you feel a connection with. Perhaps you could ask the stick whether it would like to be part of the Beltane celebrations. Tie some ribbons or string to it – you could use the colours of the season – green, red and white. Then decorate with natural items you feel drawn to. 

Feel free to print out the attached information on The Wheel of the Year & tree ogham

“A fair maid who, the first of May,
Goes to the field at break of day,
And washes in dew from a hawthorn tree,
Will ever after handsome be”

~ Traditional Rhyme

For the event:

Make sure you are in a room where you can ideally be undisturbed.

Have a clear surface near you for placing items on in a circle.

What you need to bring with you to the online gathering:

  • Your ‘mini-maypole’ decorated  with things from the natural world (see above)
  • Any writing/drawing you made in your reflection time. Write your words or phrases on small pieces of paper
  • A pot with soil/earth/stones in it (big enough for your maypole)
  • Notepad and pen/pencil
  • A candle
  • Small items, colours or drawings to represent each of the 4 elements Earth (green) , air, (white) fire (red) and water (blue) Don’t worry about this too much – keep it simple!
  • To know the 4 directions (you may have a compass on your phone).

See you soon!

Any queries, please contact